Deanne Matley

Deanne Matley

Deanne Matley is in possession of a clear, pure and extremely appealing voice, her greatest gift. What separates her from the pack is her continual search to learn and discover, to stretch her own boundaries and to grow. Deanne is well-versed in many musical contexts, whether fronting a big band, giving her all at the helm of her jazz quartet, or performing R&B, pop, and musical theatre.

What is your wish for 2017?

Which musical instrument reflects your personality the most?
Upright bass.

If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be?
Frank Sinatra.

If you were a food, what would you be and why?
Pizza, all four food groups, and delicious like me. 🙂

What is something you couldn’t go without?
Coffee, of course!