Patrick Stauch has been an active force in the western Canadian music scene for a few decades, from playful band projects like Global HiFi and Jimmy Crack Corn to writing and performing in theatre; Calgary Opera, Ground Zero and Caravan Farm Theatre and beyond. He makes an impact in merging the physical with the aural realms, having the most fun when bringing that same joy to his audiences while singing and playing guitar. Regardless of genre, writing and composing is Stauch’s greatest strength and is best witnessed live.

What is your wish for 2017?
That Donald Trump fails to succeed in making America what it once was; an ice covered barren waste land… so that I can tour America later in the year and in years to follow.

Which musical instrument reflects your personality the most?

If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be?
Peter Gabriel.

If you were a food, what would you be and why?
Thai food because its spicy, flavourful and appreciated by many.

What is something you couldn’t go without?
Food, air, water, Thai food.